Grooming Appointment



Every dog that comes to Dapper Dogs for grooming gets their nails trimmed and filed down as short as the nail will allow us to go. We also pluck (if needed) and clean the ear canal with an alcohol free based cleaner.


Bath & Dry

Now it's bath time! Every dog is different!

A specific shampoo is chosen for each dog, as their needs differ according to skin and coat. 

Conditioner is often an overlooked part of grooming, but is very important. At Dapper Dogs EVERY dog gets conditioner to replace the oils, and keep the static down.

We use a high velocity dryer for every dog, as this helps stimulate the skin and blow out undercoat.



Haircuts are chosen by the dogs owner. Custom cuts are a fun way to draw attention to your dog, call us or drop in for tips and tricks by the groomer!

If your dog is matted, a shorter haircut may be the only option, but ask about a brushing demo if you'd like to keep 'Fluffy' fluffy!