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Summer Protection Package

Summer Protection Package

Summer Protection Package




· Detangles 

· Helps protect coat

· Helps irritated skin

· Removes undercoat

· For dry brittle coat

· Conditioner with its UVA/UVB protection helps guard against sun damage to the skin and coat, with vitamins, Aloe Vera and a special blend of added conditioners


· Helps protect coat

· Helps frizz and static

· Adds brilliant sheen

· Lasting fragrance

· Leave-in conditioner, helps eliminate split ends, tangles, frizz and undercoat and static with added sunscreen benefits it aids in keeping darker coats from being discolored by the sun

Artero Bye Bye Shampoo repellent

· Refreshing citrus scent

· Extremely effective to remove ticks and fleas easly during the bath

· Contains ingredients which prevent ticks or fleas from attaching to the hair or skin

· Very effective in repelling mosquitos after the bath

· Natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and antimicrobial effect

· Contains essentials oils, along with other active ingredients, that work to relax the skin and produce a balsamic effect

White n' Bright Package

Summer Protection Package

Summer Protection Package



Artero Blanc Shampoo

· Designed for the care of white, black and grey coats intensifying natural color

· Never has there been such an effective formula in the elimination of yellow tones from white coats

Moisturizing Conditioner

· A moisturizing conditioner that suits your dogs needs

Nagayu Rinse

· Helps pets struggling with: itchy skin, dandruff, hotspots, grease, yeast, stinky pets, coat repair and more

· Aids with moisturizing the coat as it rinses

· Provides a brighter, whiter and cleaner coat

Blueberry Pickin' Package

Summer Protection Package

Blueberry Pickin' Package



Pawpin Blueberry Shampoo

· Tearless

· Optical Brighteners

· Adds Brilliant Sheen

· Long Lasting Scent

Top’n Blueberry Conditioner

· Anti-static

· Maximum moisture

· Blueberry fragrance

· Enriching humectants

· Revitalizes stressed coat

Blueberry Dew cologne

· Long lasting scent

Blue Bow tie included

Shea Butter Package

Shea Butter Package

Blueberry Pickin' Package



Sheazam Shampoo

· Stops Breakage

· Adds Sheen

· Soothes Dry Skin

· Hydrates & Detangles

· Softens Frizzy Hair

· Antimicrobial shampoo that aids in the relief of various types of skin irritations (dry, itchy, flaky, hot spots, ring worm, flea allergy dermatitis, seborrhea) and other dermal inflammations

· Repairs and promotes growth

Sheamora Conditioner

· Stops Breakage

· Adds Sheen

· Eliminates Frizz & Tangles

· Promotes Growth

· Strengthens

· Hydrates

· A medicated antimicrobial conditioner that promotes healing of minor wounds, aids in relief of various types of skin irritations and other dermal inflammations

· Leaves a healthy and luxurious hair

Sheablast Conditioning Spray

· Reduces hair loss

· Anti-microbial benefi­ts

· Adds sheen and a healthy look to dull dry coat

· Repairs coat

· Stops breakage

· De-tangles

· Strengthens 

· Promotes hair growth

· Dries quickly and non-oily

Deshed Package

Shea Butter Package

Plumtastic Package



EzOut Shampoo

· Non-irritating

· Non-drying formulation

· Helps remove undercoat with less mess and less stress

· Good for short and long hair coats

· Helps promote healthy skin and coat while protecting against excess shedding

EzShed Conditioner

· Blend of essential nutrients, vitamins, proteins, humectants, and conditioners that are critical in revitalizing, strengthening and enhancing your pets coat while allowing you to easily eliminate the dead and devitalized hair you find everywhere during the shedding process

· This moisturizing, replenishing conditioner will do away with shedding as you have known it in the past and give your pets coat that look and feel that has been missing

Ice on Ice conditioning spray

· Leave in coat conditioner and finishing spray

· Provides a protective barrier on the outside of the hair strand and locks in moisture

· Not oily

· Repels dirt, dust, rain, urine from soaking into the coat

· Contains sunscreen

Plumtastic Package

Shea Butter Package

Plumtastic Package



Plum Silky Shampoo

· Mild shampoo base

· Adds texture

· Aloe Vera, vitamins and silk proteins enhance its conditioning powers

· Adds a brilliant sheen

Plumtastic Shampoo

· Rich blend of conditioners, essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, silk proteins plus the anti-oxidant value of the Acai Berry has a unique experience in store for your pet

· Helps strengthen, revitalize and energize depleted, stressed hair and help prevent dehydration of the skin and coat

· Anti-oxidant protection

· Long lasting pleasant scent

Simply Plum Cologne

· Long lasting scent